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     In December of 2019, GTC Consulting finalized plans to purchase 5 acres in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This property will serve as the future headquarters for the company. According to the company’s President & CEO, “This investment is strategic and I expect it will bolster the company’s ability to lead the way in identifying and addressing the complex quality, regulatory, and risk management needs of our current and future clients. Many reputable sources point to the state of Ohio as being the “ground zero” location for opioid abuse and for the over prescribing of opioid medications. Opioid related death statistics in the the state are also among the highest in the nation. As a public health focused company, it makes sense for GTC Consulting to be headquartered where the problem is the most complex. It it there that I believe we will be able to have the greatest impact.” Since its inception, GTC Consulting has been helping pharmaceutical and other legitimate controlled substance handlers around the country to better operate in manner that is consistent with the public’s interest. The company is quickly becoming recognized as the leader in pharmaceutical regulatory compliance solutions, quality accreditation (i.e. VAWD) project management, and litigation support.