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GTC Consulting

DEA Compliance Program Development + VAWD Accreditation Assistance + Supply Chain Risk Management Support + Regulatory Litigation Support + Drug Diversion Investigations + Due Diligence Services  

Navigating the controlled substance regulatory environment can be immensely difficult without an experienced captain at the helm. That is why you should choose GTC Consulting! We understand the risks, we also understand what’s at stake, and we have prepared accordingly for a time such as this. We are experts at helping healthcare companies, insurers, and government entities succeed in the midst of unprecedented regulatory scrutiny and intense ligation.

Like a lighthouse in the middle of a storm we exist to provide your company with clarity, direction, and safe passage to a brighter and more prosperous future.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Our Clients
Manufacturers / Distributors

What We Do

  • DEA “Know Your Customer” Support & Program Development
  • Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM) Staff Training, Process Review, and System Design Consultation
  • Premium Pharma & Medical Facility Diligence Investigations
  • Employee Compliance & Diversion Prevention Training
  • State & Federal License/Registration Application & Renewal Support
  • Litigation Support (Insurance Claims, DEA OTSC, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical Insurance Underwriting Diligence
  • DEA/FDA Facility Physical Security Assessments & Consultation
  • Controlled Substances Dispensing & Purchasing Data Analytics
  • VAWD Audit & Accreditation Assistance
  • M & A Transactions: Controlled Substance Compliance Analysis & Risk Assessments